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Why Tint Your Windows?

Using only the best and most advanced films on the market, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you, and your investments, are protected. Some of the benefits of investing in your windows are:


UV Protection

Our films offer 99% UV ray and up to 96% IR ray protection, keeping you and your family safe from the suns harmful rays.


Temperature Control

Having a car or home outfitted with our tint films helps block out up to 70% of heat from passing through, keeping you cooler.


Interior Protection

The sun's harmful rays cause car interiors to crack, fade, and deteriorate. Our films provide superior protection against this damage keeping your car interior in pristine condition.


Privacy & Security

Tinted windows enhance security and privacy. Tinting can prevent thieves from seeing possessions in the car and adds an additional level of privacy while driving on the road.


Glare Reduction

Our films drastically reduce the amount of sun glare while driving. This improves your visibility, and helps avoid accidents.


Glass Safety

In the event of an accident our films strengthen the window glass, thereby lessening shattering glass from injuring you.

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